About Us
My Sister's Keeper- K.E.P.T. (Kids Experiencing Promises of Tomorrow) is a mentoring program for our female youth ages 5-25. This organization was created to inspire, motivate, and reproduce success in the community.

 My Sister's Keeper Vision and Mision

Mission: To empower, motivate, and inspire young independent women to live their lives to their fullest potential. By creating young professionals, we will also foster relationships that will last a life time. My Sister's Keeper and KEPT are here to promote greatness and provide the fundamental keys necessary to achieve one's goals.

Vision: We believe we can help increase academic success as well as make a difference in the lives of our female youth. My Sister's Keeper and KEPT teaches our youth how to be a good friend and a good sister while instilling in them core values. Our program helps them to identify with the world by exposing them to a variety of experiences while creating lifelong memories that will captivate their lives physically, mentally emotionally, and spiritually.
Advice for young women

Remain true to yourself....................

  • Don't get comfortable, stay hungry for new opportunities.
  • The road to sucess is bricked with some failures.
  • Be self- movtivated: don't wait on others to tell you to do something.
  • Have patience, and keep trying.
Our 1st Meet & Greet
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